'The Rainmaker' Nominated for Joseph Jefferson Award, Chicago 2016

Handsome, high-spirited younger brother, Jim, who is in his girl-crazy stage is played by the irresistible Matt Pratt, winningly smitten with the town vamp, Snooky.
— Chicago Sun Times
American Blues Theater has done it right as…well, rain. ...ABT’s seven actors beautifully suited to their roles
— The Wall Street Journal
Matt Pratt is delightfully captivating as Jim. Sometimes played as almost mentally handicapped, Mr. Pratt’s character is just a young, naive optimist who, unlike his older brother Noah, still believes in miracles, magic and love. Mr. Pratt’s good-looking Jim brings much heart, cheer and idealism and rain to this production.
— Chicago Theater Critic
Matt Pratt delights as the bumptious brother who’ll use his fists (quicker than his brain) to defend Lizzie’s right to love. (As for romance, he’s having a summer fling with a town girl who sports a red hat.)
— Stage and Cinema
this family is real. The dynamic between Danny Goldring (Pops), Vincent Teninty (Noah), Matt Pratt (Jimmy) and Morton is solid. The loud blowhard Teninty tries to manage his siblings’ lives. He continually puts down the adorable Pratt.
— The Fourth Walsh
Vincent Teninty and Matt Pratt exhibit a recognizably fraternal dynamic as bossy Noah and naive Jim Curry
— Windy City Times