Martin Shkreli Tweets about what he thought of our film "It was bad" 

Shriek is a satirical short film about the notorious pharmaceutical executive Martin Shkreli. The Twin Visuals project was inspired by the infamous TMZ video of Shkreli threatening Ghostface Killah in retaliation for the Wu-Tang Clan rapper calling him a “sh*thead.” After repeatedly watching Shkreli’s original video, director Nic Collins saw a real life super villain unfolding in front of his eyes. He focused his attention on the so-called “goons” behind the “Pharma-douche” and decided to make a short film about the night when the threat video was created.

According to Collins, Shriek started shooting on a Friday night and wrapped early the next morning. The director said Aaron Burns, who played Shriek, gave multiple layers to his key role in the film. Collins also said that the most important scene in Shriek is the conversation between the black actors cast as goons about the type of movie roles they’re typically given.

Not mentioned in UPROXX article:

SUPERMAN (played by actor Matt Pratt) says to Martin “Everybody poops” which is Collin’s way of saying Shkreli is omits HUMANITY in his pharma decisions.

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